Bespoke Plastic Storage Boxes

At Versatote, we specialise in Bespoke Plastic Storage Box solutions.  Sometimes you just can’t find the right size, shape or capacity of storage box that you need.  A poor fit for your needs can have a serious impact on your operational efficiency!

Our highly-skilled and experienced industrial designers and engineers will work with your team to meet your specific plastic tote box requirements to create a unique box design.

From conceptual analysis to the final product, the CSS Group are able to draw on their extensive knowledge of designing and manufacturing tooling, together with their injection moulding expertise, to deliver superior storage boxes and lids which are not available on the open market.

Minimising Manufacturing Costs

Versatote will ensure that costs are kept to a minimum by not over-engineering tools used during the injection moulding process, selecting suitable mould and end-component materials and being aware of the storage, handling, picking and transportation requirements of the plastic boxes.

Suitable for Multiple Industries

Whether you use automated or manual warehouse picking and delivery systems in the industrial, wholesale, commercial or retail markets, the CSS Group offers a tailored and professional service which will exceed all of your expectations.

Even if you only need a short run to replenish damaged or lost transit cases, or have your own injection moulding tooling already in place, we are able to help with your injection moulding requirements.

Product Design Engineer working on tool mould designs with CAD screens
CAD/CAM design engineer at work

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